Bikini Booty Workout

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As the summer is fast approaching everybody is working on their summer bodies, I mean after all who doesn’t want to look good in their bikini right?

Like most women out there, I’m definitely one of those who aspire to have nice, round and firm buttocks. Which is why I train daily in order to build this precious muscle group.

There are different options to achieve the desired effect. Plastic surgery assuredly being the faster and much more expensive option, however for me, I prefer good, old fashioned hard work. When I think about my body I consider it my temple, I do not believe in plastic surgery, I believe in training hard to have the body I desire. After all it is not only about achieving the desired appearance but also about health and well
being as well, which I often feel people forget about it!

People often forget that it is extremely important to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Being active, eating as healthy as possible and keeping our body in the best shape through the age so we can enjoy life and stay away from health issues which are directly linked with bad eating habits or inactivity.

I believe that by maintaining a healthy balanced diet and participating in regular exercise you can achieve anything.

Whether it’s 10 minutes or 60 minutes a day, you should try and incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine. Please ensure you consult your doctor before undertaking any new regimes.

Yes, exercise is essential to build the glute of your dreams but remember, this is only a small contributing factor in the grand scheme of things. Good nutrition and a healthy mind are also important if not more so. It is important that you adjust your intake of nutrients and calories, if you do not maintain a healthy balanced diet and adjust your meals according to your daily protein needs, you will not achieve the desired results in the same period of time than someone who takes care of the nutritional side. I believe that if you follow the formula below anything is achievable.

80% nutrition and 20% exercise and 100% mindset.

Not to mention the results between surgical enhancement and an optimal lifestyle differ quite dramatically. Nothing quite compares to the firmness of a well-developed and defined muscle built up by regular exercise, patience and consistency.

Know that your buttocks are made up of three types of gluteal muscles, which can be easily enhanced with regular training and exercise. Here we’ve concocted a quick program to have the buttocks of your dreams.

The gluteus maximus is the one who is responsible for the beautiful domed round booty; it’s also one that is at the origin of the “saddlebags” a little less sexy.

I have prepared a short video for you showing you 7 exercises to do targeting this muscle group. You can add weights to the ankles to increase the difficulty level as your fitness levels increase to get more results from the exercise program. You can also modify the exercise to suit your body type and fitness level as there are many easy adaptations you can make to the exercises.

Not only does exercise boost your levels of Dopamine (happiness hormone) health wise, the greater your muscle mass is, the less fat you will have. This is all about your body composition. Having more muscles, burns more calories and therefore you can eat more without getting fat.

If you’re short for time and you are unable to dedicate too much on the practice of regular exercise, learn how to do some routine exercises that can be done anywhere. 7 simple and easy exercises you can repeat as often as you want depending on the time you have.

Note; Completing a minimum of 4 reps of 25 over a regular period of time guarantees that you will see concrete results.

Other good habits to create are to always choose the stairs instead of the elevator and squeezing your butt as often as possible such as when you sit for long periods of time or whenever you are waiting in line somewhere.

It might take a while to obtain the glute you desire but I guarantee you that if you start today and complete it regularly the sooner you will feel and see your results.

Julie Clement


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