The Truth Pixie

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The Truth Pixie.

This month I had the pleasure of speaking with illustrator Chris Mould. Chris has
been a children’s book illustrator for almost 30 years and has teamed up with best
selling writer Matt Haig again this year for the Christmas release of his new book,
The Truth Pixie. Matt and Chris first began working together back in 2015 when the
majorly successful book “A boy called Christmas” was released and have worked
together on numerous projects ever since.
The book is about a quirky looking and mischievous pixie who often finds herself in
hot water and who is cursed to tell the hard truth to a sad little girl, but ends on a
positive note with a lasting friendship. The Truth Pixie is one of Chris Moulds
favourite characters to create and bring to life. The Truth Pixie has featured as a
character in previous installations within Matt Haig’s Christmas book series. In this
particular book, Matt uses the character to address mental health issues such as
fears and anxiety for young children by using heart warming rhyming text and plenty
of brilliant and vivid artwork, with illustrations on every page.
We asked Chris what it was like to work on the book with Matt and what challenges
he faced bringing the Truth Pixie to life.
Chris says he was inspired by the previous endeavours of the truth pixie as a
character in previous books he has illustrated. The truth pixie was one of his
favourite characters from working with Matt and feels the character is full of
personality and quite quirky in appearance.This made it so easy to bring her to life
for the book. Chris says that he always looks at other female characters in fiction as
it is always important to do as much research as you can before developing a new
Chris says one of the most challenging aspects of illustration is trying to capture the
different emotions and feelings within the artwork, especially with the illustrations
being of a cartoon style. Ensuring that what you create still has some depth, pace
and meaning despite the fact that’s it a quick and fun style of working that often
relies on humour for its default response. Chris centers his work around the types of
books he would of liked to see on his shelf as a child.
We would certainly recommend picking up a copy of The Truth Pixie as this book
tells a quite magical story of friendship, whilst touching on the complex subject of
anxiety. This is the perfect book for helping to explain to young children that in life
yes, there might be bad days but there are going to be so many brilliant days. And
actually you need the occasional dark day for the bright days to shine so much

Matt and Chris are currently in talks about continuing the success of the series with
other stories and characters, however in the meantime “ The Truth Pixie” is available
at all independent and major bookstores and also a number of online retailers.
Article by Chris Willingham

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