You maybe aware that 24seven online is the sister digital site to popular published magazine 24seven lifestyle magazine which is now the leading FREE monthly A4 glossy lifestyle publication in the East Yorkshire area and the North of the UK. Which has been running for over 10 years, providing our readers with a magazine they look forward to receiving each month with celebrity interviews, great give aways and a fantastic selection of seasonal features to suit everyone, giving our advertisers a media vehicle that delivers their message in a direct and professional manner and our features have been designed so every business has the opportunity to showcase their best items and offers to entice our readers.

24seven is described as a ‘high response’ advertising media, and has been proven to generate the response you want from your advertising. 24seven works for everyone, our readers, and more importantly you, as it gets results and helps you keep a presence in the local area building and maintaining brand awareness.

We now have free stands for our readers to pick up the magazine FREE each month from the flowing high-profile supermarkets as well as our normal door to door deliveries, plus in doctors, hospital, hairdressers, dentists waiting rooms and more......