2017 Horoscopes

21st Jan to 19th Feb

20th Feb to 20th Mar

21st Mar to 20th Apr

Your fear of change is holding you back; you need to welcome the changes that are coming. Embrace life each moment and stay focused on your dreams. Look at what is preventing you from enjoying life more and find an alternative route around the problem; its time to keep moving forward.
You may need to negotiate this month and when you do you need to view things from both sides. You could decide to take the hard path in life, but it will be more rewarding if you keep moving forward. Balance can be restored with a little tweaking here and there but nothing major needs to be changed and remember to be true to yourself even if you’re criticised by others as you can’t ever please everyone.
Its time to put yourself first, as recently you’ve had other priorities, so put some time aside for just you. Start thinking outside the box and approach things differently especially when relating to work or hobbies. You eat to feed your body but you must feed the heart and mind too!

21st Apr to 20th May

22nd Jun to 22nd Jul

You may be feeling confused at present because something doesn’t seem to add up. There is no point in wasting valuable energy trying to figure it out. Remember that everything in life is constantly changing. Blessings are coming your way. Even though you may be experiencing some setbacks, you are urged to continue to follow your heart. Do not give up hope, for all will soon fall into place.

21st May to 21st Jun

An issue that is causing tension and friction in your life will soon erupt and come to a head. You are being urged to stay calm during this emotionally charged event. Allow events to unfold naturally. All relationships experience both ecstasy and pain but this should be within balance, aim to restore a more positive balance and remember that everything happens for a reason; even if it seems unclear to us.
Not everyone shows their appreciation for what you do for them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Remember that you don’t have to change to conform to other people’s expectations; stay true to yourself. Don’t lose sight of your purpose, your efforts will be rewarded. Take some time to relax and calm your mind and live in the moment.

23rd Jul to 23rd Aug

As usual you undervalue yourself, which in turn gives others permission to do so too; its time to break this cycle. Focus on doing something new, leaving behind something you know longer enjoy doing. There is someone around you who is quite a negative person and this in turn is bringing your mood down; you need to protect yourself more and not take on their negativity.

24th Aug to 23rd Sep

24th Sep to 23rd Oct

You are going through a profound change which allows you to reconcile issues form your past and allowing your true nature to emerge. Your energy levels are rising and finances are improving but going through such changes you need to let go of things that have been holding you back. You need to work upon this, so you can embrace the new you with open arms.
A little bit of ‘me’ time is needed to fortify your spirit and allow your true self to emerge, not someone else’s image of you. Everyday issues and chores will take over your life as you struggle to focus on anything else. You seem to have loads of questions but no answers, but answers will come in time. Be aware of your words and thoughts as you could say something you come to regret later.

24th Oct to 22nd Nov

23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Trying to do everything yourself will just put you under more pressure; don’t forget to ask for help. It will be a busy month and you’ll be driven by the motivation to get things done properly. You need to focus on healing yourself and your relationship with another and a current situation which has been the cause of stress will start to ease.

22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Your energy seems to be low and out of balance, you need to create a little ‘me’ time. Follow your passions but be prepared to defend your actions and your beliefs. A time of joy and happiness enters your month allowing the difficult times to fade away. Although you have achieved so much they don’t seem to be living up-to your expectations and you start to feel you’re missing out on something.
You must surrender some control this month; allow situations to unfold naturally. Material things will be important to you as you find yourself investing in something significant and re-adjusting your budget. Remember that you learn from not only your actions but from those of others too. Towards the end of the month you could become the victim of malicious talk but by rising above the situation and not giving it the time of day you will come across the better person.

By Jeanette Coates.