2017 Horoscopes

21st Jan to 19th Feb

You seem to feel the need to hide from your emotions; you can’t suppress these for long so it would be wise to seek some help and advice. There is something that you aren’t using at the moment which you will actually benefit from. Don’t forget to smile and laugh as they say, ‘fake it till you make it’ as this will help lift your spirit. It’s a time to reflect on the past but not live there.

20th Feb to 20th Mar

You seem to have laid down all the ground work and now it’s time to enjoy all that you have achieved. Try not to be a slave to your desire to do everything now instead relax and focus on the small things. There are some documents that need your attention, signing or completing, but try not to miss the deadline.

21st Mar to 20th Apr

The situation you are in at the moment is causing you to have mixed emotions. While you acknowledge the abundance and happiness that surrounds you, you are struggling to show your emotions as they are tinged guilt and regret. Don’t hide away from these feelings instead talk about them then you will come to realise you aren’t alone.

21st Apr to 20th May

This month you are stuck in turmoil and conflict and while your energy levels are rising again which is giving you the motivation to seize back control, your own negativity is holding you back. You need to remember that you reap what you sow so try to focus on the positive no matter how small.

21st May to 21st Jun

As you embark on this new chapter you will need to think on your feet. You have a lot of ideas and knowledge within you but you seem to have lost the way to connect to it. Focus on your relationships and get them back within balance as only then when you are happy you find you can tap into your inspiration.

22nd Jun to 22nd Jul

Your relationships with others and with yourself need your focus this month as you seem to be stuck in limbo. There’s a decision that needs making and until you make it you won’t be able to see all that you have and attract all that you need. Now’s not the time to waver; instead its time for acting upon your decisions.

24th Aug to 23rd Sep

Spend some time alone to gather your thoughts and calm the storm that’s within you as by doing this you will be open to the inspiration and ideas that are coming your way.  Now’s not the time to let your insecurities and doubts block you from your happiness.

24th Sep to 23rd Oct

You are being shown a new life path and being guided along the route. Your energy maybe running a little low but you can revitalise your soul with some music and colour therapy. Not everything that seems too good to be true is, so accept the abundance that’s coming your way and don’t neglect the small things as they too are important.

24th Oct to 22nd Nov

Everything seems to be hard work at the moment; nothing seems to be flowing, instead your experiencing a lot of stop and starts. A decision is needed; follow your own instincts and not the advice of others as you are being guided spiritually. Its time for some soul love, learn to love yourself and see yourself through the eyes of your loved ones and you will come to realise your true value.

23rd Nov to 21st Dec

An arrangement or agreement is finally reached which opens up opportunities for you. You will receive wisdom and knowledge on a soul level this month which renews your energy and focus which fills you full of ideas and joy.

22nd Dec to 20th Jan

You need to find a way or the time to rest and recharge your batteries as you can’t keep running on empty.  Someone else’s negativity is affecting your mood so you need to shield yourself from taking on their emotions. Peace and tranquillity can be restored as long as you don’t spoil it by over thinking and over complicating situations.

By Jeanette Coates.

23rd Jul to 23rd Aug

You spend so much time aiming for perfection, that you miss out on all the good that you have achieved. You are entering into a positive time; one where you no longer look back with regret instead you can look back on good memories. You need to turn your focus to the present as that is real and it is there where you lay down your foundations for your future.